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afghanistan and pakistan. it's conducted from thousands of miles away in suburban america. >> reporter: look around this room. it's been hit by a missile fired from an unmanned aerial vehicle, a uav, more commonly known as a drone. the family living here say children were killed in this u.s. attack. the children were never the target, but in pakistan's tribal border region, the death spelled trouble for u.s. foreign policy. where many believe that fighting with drones is cowardly. >> last year, one of the most popular songs in pakistani pop culture was a song whose lyrics talked about how america fights without honor. >> reporter: launched from just over the border in afghanistan, the pilotless predator and reaper drones are the answer to so many of the u.s. military's problems. credited with killing more than a dozen al qaeda leaders. >> the real advantage of unmanned aerial systems is they allow you to project power without projecting vulnerability. >> reporter: this is what the view looks like from a drone. and this is how effective they can be. those men on the corner are firing guns. th
abdullah of jordan is one of america's key allies, and never before has an arab head of state addressed the national conference of a major jewish lobby. so is the balance of power about to shift? i sat down with jeremy ben-ami, executive director of j street and david harris, the executive director of the ajc, american jewish committee. we did invited aipac to participate, but they declined. >> thank you both, gentlemen, for coming here. you're talking first about safeguarding the democratic state of israel. surely all the jewish pro-israel lobby groups share the same goal. why not a different and a new one? >> well, i think the sense of urgency has never been greater to address the single greatest threat that israel faces to its future as a jewish and democratic state. >> which is? >> which is the demographic reality that within a matter of years there will be more nonjews than jews between the jordan river and the mediterranean. at that point israel can really no longer remain both jewish and democratic. therefore, to avoid that we have to find some way to get to a two-state solution
house." we're getting the scoop on america's real estate. we'll see how far your budget goes starting at 250 grand and going all the way up to one million bucks. on the way, we'll check out affordable lincoln, nebraska, reasonable raleigh, north carolina, and pricey los angeles, california. first, let's check out lincoln. lincoln really prides itself on being a family-friendly location. we have a very low crime rate. we also have great schools. we have incredible parks and trails. we just really like to involve our kids. lincoln also has plenty of affordable homes. you know, you can really stretch a dollar here. for $250,000 in lincoln, you could have a great condo right in the middle of everything, or you might even be able to find a great historic home that's in need of a little fixing up. (all) welcome to lincoln! david and georgia witters jumped at the chance to buy this 100-year-old english tudor in the near south neighborhood close to downtown. david and i used to ride our bikes here when we were in college, and i remember looking at this house specifically, thinking the windows
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3